Notification Protection of Personal Data) The following information is aimed at explaining the provisions of the legislation for the protection of personal data, in particular regarding the rights of the parties and the procedures for their protection.

In this sense, we inform all those who access the site that:

1) The data controller is the “Hotel the Bulesca” – registered office Via Enrico Medi, 2, 35030 Selvazzano Dentro, Padua – Italy. To assert Your rights, You can make reference to Article 7 of Law 196/2003; any communications may be sent to our phone number Tel. (+39) 049 8976388, or email (substitute # with @).

2) During the consultation of our web pages we may collect personal information and data of voluntarily filled forms, and stored temporarily or permanently on your hard drive the so-called cookies. We can also operate other software components while surfing (eg. ActiveX components).

The data collected will be treated in order to:
– Sending information (newsletters)
– Collecting statistics about our website
– use the third parti service like analytics and plugin. We share the data with this partner, please see their privacy policy.

The data collected will be stored electronically, rarely on paper, and will be handled in compliance with all the measures provided by law to protect the rights of those concerned.

This information and the guarantees related to it apply only to the site Access to other sites via links, itif any, for reasons of utility or facilitation of navigation, on our website or on those of the host sites, will leave our site. In no way we are liable for the practices related to the processing of data in such linked sites, nor for host sites that are beyond our applications.

3) The provision of data is optional; refusal to provide such data or the deactivation of cookies or other components could imply the impossibility for us to act on the requests made and, secondly, can produce a not entirely correct functionality of the site.

4) The data collected will be used exclusively by the company personnel in charge of that and will be communicated to all those people We need to communicate to, ie giving course to bookings (eg. Banks) or for legal obligations (eg. Financial administration) and for technical reasons (eg. Computer support).

5) this policy in English language is not the officiali, please see the italian version for the definitive policy We apply